Wednesday, September 16, 2009


can you please shut up!
do i ask for your opinion!
don't ever thought that
we still have the friendship like others!

terrible!horrible!and vege...

my class timetable change again!
can you please stop changing the timetable!
change from worst to worst

they always face the same problem
on the beginning for every semester
why don't they think the way to solve it?
add drop add drop add drop
both class clash together then how?
"that's your own choice"
this what i got it
yea..not my class clash but my friend
how can he say like that
add drop period end last week
who going to pay for the penalty fees!
change the time whenever they like
class clashes?
don't care
as long as everyone deal to it
even though a lot of complains
but no use
bull shit here and there
no use
still the same
it is not discuss with us
it is inform us!

discuss and inform
is totally different!

my msn list was empty
totally blank
nothing was in there
what the

but not at all
cause i meet a new friend whom from china
a sweet sweet girl
name li fang-丽芳
she is very kind to me
love her so muchie laa..
she was a degree year 2 sem 3 student
older than me of cause
but we can always talk about the lecturer who change our class
nice to know her!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


my mind blank
case study assignment blank
assignment due tomorrow morning
yet i'm still fishing on facebook
useless me laa!

lunch time!

went lunch with them
hong wah and yb
couldn't make it
cause she still at home when the time for lunch
she still can't make herself to my house

nevermind time bring you here again!

this time 3 of us ate the same thing
wan tan mee
to hong wah: didn't write wrong this time la!

poor hong wah cannot eat seafood.
head to ioi mall after lunch
had a walk there
like 3 org gila

went in to DAISO
have a look for everything
have a lot joke in that shop
LAME joke.

gonna start to do my case study.
very very last minute work again
due tomorrow
but i din even start to read the case
wish me good luck!

Monday, September 14, 2009


just got a bad new from yeannie
as what i thought this afternoon
she going to stop for this sem
how sad it is when i get this from her

know this girl last sem
but the way we talked like we knew each other more than 5 to 10 years
just like me and crystal
non-stop joking in class
crapping in old-town outside college
chit-chat on msn all the time

planned to go bukit cahaya with her
but not fulfill yet>.<
she got her own reason
i will just support whatever she did
i don't know why i got the feeling like she was my old friend!
the feeling just same like me and crystal
the old friend!

To the beloved yeannie:
just go ahead what you have planned
although that was not i want to heard from you
you are right too
is a bit too rush for you
we all will always beside you
give you support
stay strong babe♥
and remember come old town to find us for lunch wor!
from Nicole.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Hey people!

Happy 090909


Monday, September 7, 2009


4.5 hours
per lecture

my duration of one lecture had changed
not shorter but longer
from 2 hours to 4.5 hours
and the tutorial class
from 1.5 hours to 3 hours

and yesterday was my first lecture day
for both of the module MOT and BIS
none stop!!
started from 8 to 12.30
continue for second module 12.30 to 5
and finally yesterday was my first day to park inside the college
and pay 2 dolar for it>.< style="color: rgb(255, 0, 0);">
not even enough place for us
and the class was without projector
how they going to have a lecture WITHOUT projector!
was wondering who arrange the classroom
and give us a room without projector!

due to too pack and there was empty in auditorium
so the lecturer decided to move there for bout one hour
cos there was a class at 2 using the auditorium
after some bargain on how long was the brake we should have
and we have to move back from the auditorium to the small little classroom

lucky that lecture given us break at 2 for half hour
cause i really NEED MY LUNCH!!
went block D
have fried rice
rushing rushing rushing
mana tau they left out rachel's fried rice
and ald 2.30 we had to head back to class
she had no choice to take away for it

reached the classroom
like "pasar"
as we know the lecturer was late than us
rachel ate her lunch in the classroom before the lecturer came in
as we really can't look at the board that the temporary projector were brought in
so that the lecturer let us out to buy the notes at the photocopy shop
and discuss bout the individual and group assignment
as the individual assignment, i have homework every week
what the....

i thought is really quite relax for me
as there only 2 days class for me
but now i realise that im wrong!
both of the module is really tough
memorizing module
i told my friends that this sem i can't use my calculator
how sad it is..

i have to wait till next sem which is next year only i have the chance to use
planned to take Financial Accounting 1 this sem..
cause is too late if i not taken this sem
but that class was cancel until further notice
don't know when it will have the class start

onion they all had drop CMA and joined me for MOT class
their CMA was canceled for 2 weeks
after 2 weeks only start for the module is too rush
as 3 or 4 weeks later is the mid-term period
so they decided too drop
but don't know kakak they all droping that module or not

the timetable was terrible enough
lucky it is only a short sem
but next sem is long sem
hope i can survive in the long sem with this long period of class!